Control Systems

The Verhaar Omega control units are from the latest technology, and stil we continue to improve and innovative here too. We develop our control units in-house, which enables us to offer a wide range of options and quickly meet our customers’ requirements.

We have various control units available, with a choise between panels with a separate steering lever and readout or a complete panel incorporating all controls. We also supply portable controls, for example for push barges and pontoons, which are also available in wireless versions.

All our current systems are supplied with VPN cloud access as standard. The readout panel can also be monitored (data monitoring, alarm history, etc.) by connecting it to a 4G network.
This also makes it possible for us to trace and diagnose any problems remotely. This feature can help save costs, because once the problem is localised, we can immediately arrange service locally through one of our affiliated service points along various shipping routes throughout Europe, saving on travel expenses.

“Developments in autonomous navigation have not stood stil, and we have now updated several vessels with our autono- mous steering interface.”


  • A single point of contact
  • In-house product development
  • User friendly
  • Interphases DP, autonomous and VDR available
  • Standard 4-languages (NL, DU, ENG, FR)
  • Specific customer requirements available
  • Touchscreen panels with colour screen
  • Fully dimmable panels (0% – 100%)
  • Cloud service

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