Scope of application
  • Inland waterway barges
  • River cruise vessels
  • Double-ended ferries
  • River dredgers, inland vessels and pontoons
  • Landing crafts
  • Maximum bollard pull (18,3 lbf/hp) at minimum draught (1 to 1,5 ft))
  • Generating thrust, even at sailing speed of 6 to 7 knots
  • Environmentally friendly - no risk of oil or grease spill
  • Maintenance friendly - no risk of water ingress, and minimal down time
  • No protruding parts under vessel – reduced risk of damage
  • Low noise compared to a tunnel thruster
  • Propeller and rotating drum have separate dedicated drives - increasing reliability
  • Propeller rotates in one direction - no reverse gear
  • Accurately controlled thrust direction and force with short response time - appr. 6 sec. from SB to PS
  • Gearbox and thruster have separate bearings and seals

Channel thrusters

The channel thrusters can be used for main, as well as auxiliary, propulsion systems. Channel thrusters are driven electrically, hydraulically, or by means of a diesel engine.

Installed in the bow or stern, channel thrusters considerably improve the vessel’s manoeuvrability, and alternatively act as a brake force thruster or emergency (main) propulsion unit. Verhaar Omega's channel thrusters are recommended over Transverse Tunnel Thrusters for auxiliary propulsion, especially in the case of inland waterway vessels with a shallow draught: predominantly river cruise vessels, inland waterway barges or pontoons, double-ended ferries, river dredgers and landing craft.

Verhaar Omega’s channel thruster features an integrated horizontal propeller/impeller that pumps water from under the vessel, inward, through a channel at the centre of the unit. Once inside the propeller channel, the water flow is deflected through a rotating drum, which determines the direction of thrust, into outlet channels. As the drum is 360° rotatable, clockwise or counter-clockwise, the thrust force and direction can be controlled accurately within a short response time. The channel thrusters, available in a range from 100kW up to 1500kW, can be fitted with two, three or four outlet channels, depending on the requirements.

The Verhaar Omega channel thruster accommodates two separate drive units: one for the propeller, and another for the rotating drum. This unique design eliminates any risk of oil spills or water contamination by grease.
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