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About us

Established by Jan Verhaar in 1967, Verhaar Omega is a privately owned company, headquartered in Sassenheim. Although the company is based in The Netherlands, it is well represented globally, with sales & service agencies worldwide. For almost fifty years, Verhaar Omega has consistently provided quality products and service, while continually striving to improve their quality and value. Having attained a strong position in both the national and international maritime industry over 4000 vessels globally feature Verhaar Omega equipment, which is testament to their assurance of quality, reliability and service.

Advancing from their initial focus on the development and sale of bow thrusters for improving manoeuvrability on inland waterway barges, Verhaar Omega has now also successfully entered the market of seagoing vessels. Having achieved the position of market leader for the European inland waterways market, to date, Verhaar Omega are not only active as a manufacturer of bow thrusters, but as a provider of complete propulsion systems. A complete engineering department, covering all aspects of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic design, develops all Verhaar Omega products in-house. The organisation’s strength lies in their no-nonsense attitude, coupled with a complete focus on their core business.

Environmental sustainability and hybrid technology is high on the agenda of Verhaar Omega, in order to meet the maritime industry’s call for reductions in fuel consumption (increased propulsion efficiency), maintenance costs, and exhaust emissions. By emphasising sustainable innovation, and increasing total efficiency, Verhaar Omega maximise the environmental and economic performance of their clients’ vessels and power plants.

Recognising that the success of commercial vessels – from a ship owner and operator’s perspective – fundamentally depends on their reliability, is another of the company’s main focal points; with downtime due to equipment failure being simply unacceptable, Verhaar Omega design their propulsions systems to last the full operational life of the vessel. In doing so, each component is carefully conceived by experts with a solid background in, and practical understanding of, the operational side.

Amongst their range of manoeuvring equipment are V-pods, Thru-hull Azimuthing Z-drive Thrusters, Tunnel Bow thrusters, Channel Bow Thrusters, and Steering grids. Depending on the application, propeller driven units can either feature a fixed or controllable pitch propeller, whilst thru-hull thruster units can be fitted with an open propeller as well as with nozzle.

The impressive range of propulsion solutions, which can be deployed independently or in combination, confirms Verhaar Omega’s commitment to supporting the varying needs of all their clients.